Edward Dalmas


After leaving academics and law school, Edward discovered meditation during Jungian group therapy and developed a practice devoted to authentic, embodied living by blending secular mindfulness and eastern tantra traditions. A storyteller and voice artist, Edward weaves personal experience, mythology, poetry, and fairy tales with practical tools to help cultivate Presence as a doorway to honesty, self-healing, intimacy and deeper living. He is Reiki certified, 400-hour certified as a meditation guide, continues formal training with the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) program at UCLA and leads the Men’s Group Gathering of Men, devoted to evolved masculinity and leadership. He specializes in masculine/feminine relationship dynamics, romantic relationships as a path to awakening, overcoming codependency and attachment trauma, and the use of sound as an instrument of healing.

Why I practice meditation:

To be more alive. We are primarily emotional beings who happen to think. Our biology says so. Yet I unknowingly swallowed the thinking pill very young. Meditation continues to help me reveal my true feelings, wants and needs. This awareness deepens my connection to life and the joy of living.

Why I teach meditation:

I love to connect with people and witness them learn to trust and light their own path — especially as they overcome a difficulty, which is really all of us. Helping people live a fuller, happier, more abundant and present life is an honor that inspires my own life and practice. I only hope I teach others as much as they teach me.


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