I’m from Boston, and first moved to LA for film school. I learned some meditation there, but wasn’t consistent. After grad school I worked as an actor and producer in theater, then moved to New York to teach yoga — which was more of a grind than production. 

I began meditating again — not quite doing it correctly — but found a new stillness in social interactions. Soon I stumbled into a meditation talk by Thom Knoles — who it turns out was a famous teacher — took his course and was hooked.

I had suffered from insomnia, but started sleeping better, my anxiety lessened, and life steadily improved. After 4 years of practice, in 2016, I took Thom’s 3-month training in India. Now based in LA, I teach individuals and companies an effortless practice that allows them to achieve more by doing less. 

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation is central to everything I do. It has made a profound difference in my life. I sleep better, have dramatically less anxiety, a stronger intuition, and bounce back from challenges much, much faster. I meditate every morning and evening.It improves my entire day and has become the axis of my life. 

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation because it has made a profound difference in my life. I find It an essential tool for insight, high performance and overall health. It’s also an infinitely interesting and nuanced subject. I find immense pleasure in helping people learn this skill, and watching the benefits of such a simple practice enhance their lives. It’s a wonderful thing to teach, share, and use as a bottom note for creative collaborations.  


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