Alternative Benefits To Keep Millennials Engaged At Work

By: Claire Hannum, Travel & Wellness Writer


Millennials are the enigmas that other generations in the office just can’t seem to figure out. If you manage a team of millennials, rest assured: they’re not as complicated (or avocado toast obsessed) as they might seem. They just want a positive workplace where they can make a difference - and that’s a goal that everyone in the office can benefit from. If traditional incentives just aren’t cutting it with winning over your employees, try these powerful alternative benefits to keep millennials engaged and to retain young talent.


Encourage them to meditate.

There’s nothing like a company wellness offering to help employees feel more positive, supported, and like their company really “gets” them. Sign your employees up for subscriptions to the Unplug app, and encourage them to meditate each morning before work. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even guide your staff through a meditation challenge together to help them better manage work stress as a team.


Pave the way for them to grow.

Consider two great ways to help your millennial employees grow: offer them the feedback they need to thrive in their role, and encourage them to keep building their skills.

For the former, the key is to regularly chat with them about how they’re doing in their role. Let them know where they can improve and check in about how they’re doing. This doesn’t have to be formal - in fact, frequent casual chats can go a long way in building a sense of connection.

As for skill building, consider offering programs that fund continuing education so employees have more means to pursue degrees and certifications. Millennials are all about feeling like they’re serving a greater purpose with their work (more on that in a second), and providing the funding for them to do so helps them provide that extra purpose for your company.


Foster a sense of purpose.

Past generations may have felt fine simply clocking in and clocking out, but millennials put a lot more emotional stock into the work that they do. This can be a great thing - passionate workers are dedicated, creative, and enthusiastic - but it means you’ll want to make sure to highlight the importance of their roles in serving the greater good. Make sure your team understands how your company makes a difference in the world, and how they’re part of that mission.


Offer fitness and wellness reimbursement programs.

This is a great option to include as a supplement to your company’s more traditional health benefit offerings. You can either direct employees to a specific company-approved gym or fitness space, or you can give your team free reign to attend boutique wellness and fitness studios of their choice and be reimburse their fees. And hey, you could even bring the wellness directly to their desks - Unplug offers custom corporate packages with in-person classes.


Encourage team bonding, in person and online.

Millennial employees are famously eager to connect with their coworkers. Many of them love the feeling of being part of a tight-knit team that works together to make productivity magic happen. To foster this, encourage your team to connect via online company groups or digital platforms. Be sure to offer opportunities for teamwork and company social events. Heck, you might even want to create a team hashtag. If your happy hour shows up on their Instagram Stories the next morning, you’ll know you’ve officially slayed at boosting morale.