The Power of Group Meditation


By Unplug Teacher Natalie Bell


With all that has been happening here in California, the fires and extreme weather causing us so much worry and exhaustion, it's a time to come together for community support and connection.  I am so grateful to have received that feeling of support this week from my group meditation classes and hearing other people share their experiences.

Yesterday while I was teaching meditation a participant came up to me and asked, "How could meditating together be so much more powerful?  I felt much more room just now meditating in our group and so much less worry than I normally feel when I meditate by myself?”

I've heard this a lot in different groups I lead and I too after many, many years of meditating by myself notice how much more powerful meditation can be when we do it together.  So what do we mean by a more powerful meditation? 

Most people describe being able to have more room and patience for themselves, allowing them to be more focused and present because they don't have to think about how much time has gone by or whether they should be busy doing something else.  They feel supported by the group, as if the shared intention of getting centered and aware with an open attitude allows each person to tap into that shared energy and focus.  We can become an energetic source of connection and support for each other.

I'm sure many of you can relate to this, how we can be uplifted in times of stress, when we connect in community. So, I invite you to come join me at one of my classes at Unplug meditation.  Let’s do this together.

Natalie Bell has practiced meditation for over 25 years.She has been teaching meditation at Unplug since it’s opening and is the Director of Corporate Programs.You can find her teaching Mondays and Fridays at the Santa Monica studio or watch any of her 21 videos on the Unplug meditation app.Natalie is also a mindfulness instructor for UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and the creator of the Thrive Inside 12-wk Coaching Program to create an inner voice of compassion and resilience.