Face Your Fear and More Very Cool Things Happening At Unplug

Last Saturday, we did a Meet Your Future Self Meditation and it was so incredible. My future self, 67 year old Suze gave me the best advice and good news, Unplug is going global. I will be retired and still living in the same house with long curly white hair 20 years from now. 
Here are the top 8 coolest things happening at Unplug this week.

1. KTLA is coming to film on Friday for the 12:15pm Class - Steve Ross is going to teach his first day class. Since they will be filming the class it is free so please sign up HERE or just drop in. 

2. Unplug Kids, which is the greatest program ever, is starting this Sunday. It is such a gift when you see your child breathe when they feel stressed and calm themselves down. Thank you Laurie Cousins. We still have a few spots so if you want calm children sign up Click the green button on the home page for Unplug Kids. 

3. This Saturday at 9:30am Face Your Fear and Release It. Johnny blew us away last week and he is going to do it again! Sign up HERE

4. Wake up at 7am and squeeze one in. You asked for a 7am class and now we have it on Tuesdays and Thursdays am. Get up and get centered before you start your crazy day. 

5. Unplug Breath Work - Thursday at 7pm. This is very different for us. It is not classic meditation but more of an out of body experience to the Doobie Brothers and other cool music with Scott Schwenk. 

6. Stay tuned for Unplug TV. Starting with 4 short and great videos of Arianna Huffington. 

7. Guiness Book Of World Records. Our lovely Megan Monhann is with Deepak Chopra helping him break the world record for most meditators at a single time. That means that we will open our doors and have everyone come sit and get quiet at 9am free. We have a 9:30am with Natalie so you are welcome to stay for her class after. 

8. Last thing, our teachers are so wonderful and unique and we want you to try them all so we created a new package for a limited time only for
first timers called One Week Unlimited for $20 - Share it with a friend or two or 5. HERE

* * *

Don't Forget To Breathe & Hope To See You Soon. 

Suze Yalof Schwartz
Founder of Unplug Meditation